My Snoring Solution Review: Does It Work?

There are different anti-snoring devices created for every snorer and quite a large number of brands offered in the market. If you came here looking for My Snoring Solution review then you’ll have the answers you need including its advantages and disadvantages to help you determine whether or not this product is actually the right solution for you.

What Is My Snoring Solution?

This device is a jaw supporter or chin strap that fits around your lower jaw and the back of your head. It is designed to keep the air passages open so that snoring is reduced or completely eliminated.

The product has become popular since it has been featured on the American Medical Review TV show as an effective solution to stop snoring.

This anti-snoring device is based on an idea that has long been proven to work. When you sleep, the soft tissues at the back of your throat collapse which makes it difficult for the air to pass through since the passageways are blocked. The air restriction causes vibrations that we refer to as snoring. The solution then is to keep the air passages free and the next section describes how the product does it.

How Does It Work?

This special strap supposedly works by keeping your jaw in place – in an upward position to  reduce air velocity, reduce soft tissue vibration, while increasing the three dimensional space in the air passages.

It employs the same principle used in CPR where the airway must be unblocked so air can freely pass through the throat. With this chin strap, the airways are apparently kept open so breathing is improved and no vibration or snoring occurs.

While many other chin straps claim to deliver the same results, this brand’s design seems to have an edge over its rivals. Regular chin straps in the market are typically uncomfortable to wear hence the product’s manufacturer addressed that issue so users would feel more comfortable to wear it throughout the night.

Clinical Tests

According to the company’s website, the product has undergone clinical trials to prove its efficiency. A sleep study consisting of 10 patients who were tested and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) resulted to a significant reduction in the number of OSA episodes and snoring among participants.


  • Non-invasive remedy for snoring. It is a simple and straightforward solution compared to surgery.
  • Comfortable to use. Other chin straps are known to cause headaches and just downright uncomfortable. Oral devices are likewise unbearable for many individuals since there are sensitive parts in the mouth that get affected when using these oral appliances. With this chin strap, you do not feel restricted as the material is flexible that you can still talk and even drink with it on.
  • No excessive saliva build-up. Compared to other devices such as mouthguards, this remedy does not let you drool uncontrollably. Your mouth is closed and in a proper position where you get to breathe correctly during sleep.
  • Cost-effective. Although it is relatively more expensive than regular chin straps, it is definitely cheaper than other known treatments that work.


  • Categorically unattractive. Many individuals think that their partners look goofy or simply unappealing when wearing the chin strap in bed. If it does, however, fixes the problem and gives you and your partner a peaceful night’s sleep then it must be worth a try.
  • Expensive. For a lot of people, the price is too much for a chin strap. Some would not mind, though, as long as the solution works.
  • Only available online. There is no other venue you can purchase the product from but the official website.

Real User Reviews

The product has received mixed reviews from users. While some are unfavorable, there are many people who were happy to share that the product has alleviated their snoring problem and has given them restful sleep.

Does It Really Work?

Despite varying opinions, it goes without saying that the product actually works based on a proven concept and positive feedback from users. The company also fosters trust in their product by way of offering a 90-day money back guarantee.

The Best Place To Buy

Because the product’s design is simple, it can easily be imitated. The fact that it can only be purchased online also makes it difficult to determine the product’s authenticity. That said, it is best to practice caution and only purchase the device from the official website through the link below.

If you purchase the product today, you can take advantage of the ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ promo and as already mentioned, your purchase is protected by the 90-day money back guarantee which ensures that you have nothing to lose in case you eventually decide that it is not the right solution for you.

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